WorldJoust Tournaments™ is building a circuit of competitive historical jousting tournaments within north America and around the world.

WJT seeks to partner with event producers who share our ideals, with the goal of creating a “circuit” of strategically located international competitions spaced throughout the calendar year. WorldJoust affiliated tournaments agree to present family friendly, educational events, and to uphold historical accuracy and quality standards as typically practiced in other WJT events.

Standards of Excellence
Affiliating your tournament means you agree with WJT goals and want to see your tournament uphold the highest standards in organization, presentation and competition. The tournament organizer assumes distinct responsibilities, but with those responsibilities come many benefits deriving from the groundwork laid via previous WJT events. WJT vows to support affiliated tournaments in every possible way, knowing that everyone’s efforts benefit the growth of the sport overall.

Treatment of Competitors by tournament producers
Producers of affiliated events must provide at minimum-

  • Travel allowance to cover most if not all travel to the competition
  • Reasonable indoor accommodations, dressing and shower facilities
  • Meals
  • Transport during event
  • Dressing and arming assistance while competing
  • Equipment security
  • Well trained horses, with appropriate grooming staff

Judging and Marshaling staff
WJT promotes fairness in all sporting aspects of our events, therefore maintaining a very conscientous and judicious judging staff is a high priority. Our associates are willing to travel to judge competitions, and to train new staff in these very difficult and essential responsibilities.

For more information about affiliating your existing event, or if you would like to create a new event following the WorldJoust Tournaments™ format, please email





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