WorldJoust Tournaments™ has held exclusive sanctioning outside the UK from the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds England.

The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds England has been the benchmark by which all competitive historical jousting has been measured for the last decade. From 1999 to 2010, the museum held tournaments each year in their purpose-built tiltyard.

Each Easter until 2010, the Royal Armouries invited teams composed of members from the UK, USA and Europe to compete in the “Sword of Honour” team tournament, where visiting teams competed against each other and a team of Royal Armouries riders for the privilege of having their team’s name engraved on the Sword of Honour perpetual trophy. This trophy sword is on permanent display in the museum’s Tournament Gallery, and is a testament to the skill and chivalry displayed by those who have displayed their prowess in the most prestigous team tournament in the world.

The Order of the Crescent, which has made regular appearances at WJT’s Tournament of the Phoenix near San Diego California, is the only team to win the Sword of Honour Tournament three consecutive times, from 2007 to 2009.

Every August from 2001 to 2010, the Royal Armouries Museum Leeds hosted an individual jousting tournament called the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Trophy Tournament. Up to 12 jousters from the UK, the US, Europe and Australia competed alongside Royal Armouries riders for the honour of having their arms engraved on the Queen’s Trophy, which was dedicated by Queen Elizabeth II at the inaugural event in celebration of the millenium. Jeffrey Hedgecock, co-founder of WorldJoust Tournaments, was selected in 2003 to compete on behalf of the USA, and competed every year until 2009. Jeffrey is the only resident American to have competed at the Royal Armouries.

Unfortunately due to British government budget cuts, in March 2011 the Royal Armouries was forced to discontinue their interpretive and educational programs and with them their annual jousting tournaments. WorldJoust Tournaments is proud to carry on part of the Royal Armouries jousting tradition, continuing many of the practices and values that until recently had established RA events as the premier forum for international jousting competition.





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