WorldJoust Tournaments™ is building a circuit of competitive historical jousting tournaments within north America and around the world.


The Higgins Armory Museum has played a key role in developing European martial arts presentations at WorldJoust Tournaments, by sending their curator Dr. Jeffrey Forgeng to the Tournament of the Phoenix for several years. Dr. Forgeng is an enthusiastic practitioner of European martial arts and has published several translations of historical fencing manuals, among them are a ground-breaking translation of Royal Armouries manuscript I-33.

In cooperation with the Higgins Armory Museum, WorldJoust Tournaments will release a DVD documentary of the Tournament of the Phoenix 2010 in early summer 2011. The DVD will be sold through the Higgins gift shop and website, and via Historic Enterprises, Inc., WJT's parent company.


Historic Enterprises, Inc. is the parent company of WorldJoust Tournaments, and is operated by owners Gwen Nowrick and Jeffrey Hedgecock. A costume historian of 30 years experience, Ms. Nowrick designes and produces Historic Enterprises' clothing line. She also produces WJT's Tournament of the Phoenix. Jeffrey Hedgecock is a historical reproduction armourer of 25 years experience, has competed in jousting tournaments in 7 countries since 2003, and is co-producer of the Tournament of the Phoenix. Together, Ms. Nowrick and Mr. Hedgecock operate WorldJoust Tournaments, teach jousting and in what little spare time remains, maintain a stable of 4 jousting horses.

Much of the equipment used in WorldJoust Tournaments, such as clothing, caparisons, lances, shields, saddles and armour are crafted by Historic Enterprises, Inc.


WorldJoust Tournaments recognizes the importance of encouraging and promoting new participants if a sport is to flourish. Our monthly Knight School instructional sessions provide new competitors strong foundation knowledge, while offering seasoned participants opportunities to train with others or refresh their technical skills. Knight School is regular monthly training session devoted to the schooling of horse, rider and support staff for participation in historical competitive jousting and skill at arms activities, as practiced in the USA, UK, and Europe. The instructor, Jeffrey Hedgecock of the US has over 15 years experience in Medieval Horsemanship and Jousting.

We have been associated with the Royal Armouries Museum Leeds since 2003, when WJT co-founder Jeffrey Hedgecock was invited to compete in the Queen's Golden Jubilee Trophy Tournament in August of that year. That relationship developed, and in 2007 Royal Armouries staff agreed to award exclusive sanctioning outside the UK to WorldJoust Tournaments. Unfortunately due to British government budget cuts, our collaboriation ended in March 2011 when the Royal Armouries was forced to discontinue their interpretive and educational programs and with them their annual jousting tournaments. We wish the Museum the best of luck for the future and hope to carry on their jousting tradition into the future.

For more background on our collaboration with the Royal Armouries, please click this link.





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