Competitor Roster
WorldJoust Tournaments maintains a roster of the highest level competitors around the world who share WJT goals and maintain professionalism even while under the pressure of competition. WJT competitors are accustomed to riding a variety of mounts and always work hard to adapt to a wide variety of situations, ensuring a successful competition for all involved. WJT competitors are friendly and enthusiastic when interacting with the public.

Competitors in past tournaments include (alphabetically)...
Luke Binks - Australia
Dr. Tobias Capwell - UK
Petter Ellingsen - Norway
Stacy Evans - UK
Steve Gagnon - Quebec Canada
Sean George - UK
Jan Gradon - Poland
Marcus Hamel - Quebec Canada
Jeffrey Hedgecock - USA
Arne Koets - Netherlands
Steve Mallett - UK
Graham Nixon - New Zealand
Luc Petillot - France
Fred Piraux - Belgium
Darth Rimmer - USA
Patrice Roland - Quebec
Dominic Sewell - UK
Jezz Smith - New Zealand
Jarek Struczinski - Poland
Jeff Wasson - USA
Andreas Wenzel - Germany

New Competitor Training
We recognize the importance of encouraging and promoting new participants if a sport is to flourish. Our monthly Knight School instructional sessions provide new competitors strong foundation knowledge, while offering seasoned participants opportunities to train with others or refresh their technical skills. Outreach is an important part of our program, so we regularly provide outreach instruction at other facilities on request.

Applying to Compete
WJT tournaments adds new competitors to our roster each year. Applicants are required to have historically accurate mid to late 15th century kit, including clothing, armour, banner and horse caparison. A Chivalrous, cooperative and professional attitude is essential, and at least one year of international jousting experience is highly beneficial.

To be considered, applicants should submit the following:

  • Your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, and any other contact information.
  • A resumé of your riding experience, including but not limited to jousting. Please include any lessons you take regularly, other disciplines practiced and other equestrian activities you participate in, such as polo, rodeo/cattle work, endurance riding, dinner shows, etc.
  • Details of any European Martial Arts you practice or have participated in, such as long sword, pollaxe or mounted combat.
  • At least 2 photos of you in your armour (front, back).
  • At least one photo of you in your soft kit (costume)

Please submit the above to:





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